My speech outside Ikeda Station on the ninth in "Propaganda on the Ninth" of Article 9 Group in Ikeda. (Originally in Japanese.)

Hi, I'm Telesa or OKAU Junpe and I live in Ueikeda.

Children cannot choose the circumstances they live in. The worst circumstances for children are wars, aren't they? In wars you see people get killed, and you get killed yourself. Adults kill children, or adults make children kill in wars.

Some political parties are trying to change the Constitution of Japan. Article 9 of the Constitution says that we won't start war and won't have armed forces. To change Article 9 means that we would have armed forces and would start war.

Japan invaded countries in Asia about 70 or 80 years ago.

To react militarily to other countries' arming and get armed yourself is an attitude which can lead to war, isn't it?

Last month North Korea tried to launch an artificial satellite. Japan considered it to be a missle, and react militarily. But Japan launches artifucial satellites, too. Besides, Japan has the Basic Space Law, which relates space exploration to "national security". Furtheremore, the current government is trying to change the law about the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and delete the part about space exploration "only for peacefull purposes". They want the purpose of space exploration to be able to be obviously also military. It's Japan, that is dangerous. Japan collaborates with United States, which is the most powerfull military power in the world, and buy weapons from it. The military expenditure, which is called "defence expenditure", is more than 4 trillion yen. This country wants the purpose of space exploration to be able to be also mlilirary. They want to make Secret Protect Law, which enables to punish not only national public servants who have exposed state secrets, but also even journalists who have tried to persuade them to expose. This country wants to change the constitutution which contains Article 9 which states that we won't start war. What do other countries think about it? To only blame for example North Korea without thinking about it is selfish, isn't it?

It's past 70 years after the last war of Japan, but I don't think that it's become peace since then.

Japan made an military aliance with United States. In Japan there are US military bases, and they are used by the US armed forces in wars.

People say about the importance of companies being internationally competetive. But economy has to do with surviving, and competitions can lead to threaten other people. Companies have chased cheap workforce and expanded overseas, but is it necessarily something good?

In schools the teachers must sing the national anthem, which can be considered to have to do with the war, and the children see the teachers sing. Such a stupid thing is forced by among others TORU HASHIMOTO.

People say about obeying one's bosses. But I think it's in the military, that such a way of thinking is emphasized. Soldiers obeyed higher ranks and killed people in the war.

We still have capital punishment in this country, and the state can kill people.

All those things are not good circumstances for children, I think.

Children need to rebel.

Children need to be angry about the way the current society is.

For the sake of children being able to rebel, wars or armed conflicts absolutely must be avoided or stopped. That's the least you can and should do for children as an adult, isn't it?

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